Swaddle Your Baby With Soft Fleece Baby Blanket- Pack of 2 Blue & Pink

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Material: coral fleece;

About the product
Large flannel baby blanket can completely swaddle your infant THEN magically changes into a "cape" or a favorite "blankie" for your child to cuddle and play with for many years.

Animal shaped hood allows plenty of room for your child's head AND you can roll the blanket inside of the hood to -PRESTO- make a Travel Pillow or soft football or soccer ball! Talk about a great gift.

Product description
Our Adorable, Hooded, Plush Animal Baby Blankets • Guaranteed to become your child's favorite security “Blankie”, keeping them safe and secure well through their toddler years • Adorably cute designs will elicit lots of "aahhh" responses at your next baby shower • Warm enough for winter; light-weight enough for summer. State-of-the-art flannel the SOFTEST fabric on the market • Just think of all the cute pictures you can take of your child wrapped in their blanket! Lifetime Warranty - No Worries, EVER! Introductory Pricing, Not Likely to Last. Buy Today!

AGE GROUP Infant & Toddlers
PATTERN Elephant Plush Pattern
FEATURE Anti-Pilling, Heated, Portable, Waterproof, Wearable
SIZE 95cm X 83cm
USE Bath, Home, Hospital, Hotel, Military, Picnic, Travel