Baby Bottle & Food Warmer with Drying Rack

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Automatic Bottle Warmer & Drying Rack

  • Manual included
  • 3 months free return if faulty.
  • Fit most of the size bottles
  • comes with remote control, you do not have to get up with tired body.
  • can warm two bottles simultaneously
  • High Temperature Steam Sterilization: It takes a few minutes to steam quickly,Steam sterilizer can reach to 212℉,99.9% of bacteria bottles contained can be killed.
  • can defrost breast milk, keep warm and heat baby foods, heat formula milk powder, Defrost.
  • The bottle warmer will power down automatically when the water inside of bottle warmer is dried. It is made of food-grade pp material, BPA free.


Drying Rack

  • includes a water tray which collects the water underneath.
  • Beautiful Green design to enhance the look and feel at home.