About Us

The signature-styled fashion has taken the world by storm. So why should we ignore our little ones and leave them wearing the same old, rut-of-the-mill clothes….with the same old fashioned colours!!! Why only frills and smoking patterns for your baby girls and the same old chequered shirts for your boy child!!

Let us take a step forward and change this monotony. Here CRADLE PLANET comes to our rescue.

Probably, you might be thinking that the clothes you buy might not fit your toddler, and it would be better to spend the entire day looking for something appropriate in the shopping mall. Please do not despair. CRADLE PLANET has a refund’ and exchange policy only a click away.

If you are looking to buy anything for your tiny-tot - casual wear, a party dress for a family get-together, or a dress for a special outing. Absolutely, no problems…..you can always find it at CRADLE PLANET.

CRADLE PLANET has hundreds of baby wears to choose from and you need not go from shop-to-shop looking for the one that you have in mind. They have everything for the little baby to the girl child or the baby boy. WHAT MORE??? They even have accessories like headbands, hair-band decorations, and shoes to go with the dresses.

CRADLE PLANET is the FINAL DESTINATION to shop for your little one. The range is mind blowing…..be it swimwear, casuals, party wears or soft night wear. You can find everything here.

Do visit our website www.cradleplanet.com for more products to make your toddlers look really beautiful.